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Praying for YOU is a full 30 minute episode where we pray for you, and minister, to you. The first season ran May - August 2021.  Visit our ministry YouTube channel to watch archives.

We are relaunching in January of 2022 with our new host Sammy Robinson.


Speaking To The Issues Shaping Our Nation:

Faytene TV airs nationwide weekly 13 times on 8 channels and has the potential to reach 92% of English-speaking Canada. Each show features distinguished guests giving insight on critical issues from a faith-based perspective.  Visit www.faytene.tv for episodes. 


Prayer and Fasting Events for Canada: 

Through TheCRY solemn assembly and the National Days of Prayer we gather believers from every generation, cultural background, denomination and region of Canada in prayer and fasting for our nation.


The first CRY took place in 2001.  Since that time they have taken place in many cities nationwide as well as online.


Click here to go to the event site for TheCRYs and National Days of Prayer.


Ongoing Prayer:


The Life Room and Justice Wall are 24-7 prayer ministries for important issues such as life, human trafficking, youth suicide, good government and more. 

Outreach & Humanitarian Work:


The poor and broken matter to us. That is why we sponsor several children in need monthly and are actively partnering with World Embrace Uganda in outreach and regularly partner with iniatitves to fight human trafficking & poverty. 


Equipping Events:


For over a decade we have been hosting revival spirited equipping events to inspire, equip and activate believers into the frontlines of heaven's purposes for our times. 

As of 2021 our team is working on establishing a studio facility and facility for management operations in New Brunswick. Click here to find out more about this exciting project.