We have a ton going on!  

Our main activity currently is the production of our weekly television show (Faytene TV) which is speaking to issues that are shaping our nation. Every week, we are hearing powerful testimonies of how the show is opening people's eyes and inspiring them to be a part of positive change in Canada! To watch the show please visit

In addition to the weekly production of our show, in 2021 we are engaged in the following ministry activities.


When you support V-Kol Media, you are partnering with:

  • weekly show airing nationally

  • Hosting online national prayer events and mobilizing ongoing prayer for Canada

  • Speaking throughout the nation, whether in person or via virtual events

  • Releasing breaking news media clips

  • Continuing to partner with international missions to serve the poor

  • Continuing to sponsor children in need every month

  • Serving various national initiatives


If you would like to be kept up to date on what we are doing, please sign up for our e-mail updates or contact Faytene or Robert here.