V-Kol Studios Development Project

As of the summer of 2021 we have begun a property development project in New Brunswick to help facilitate our operations. 

This development will be a headquarters for our nationally focused work in TV broadcast production (Faytene TV), prayer mobilization (thecrymovement.com), next generation mentorship and our management operations.

Thanks to our amazing donors the land for the project has been purchased debt free! 


We are now in the drafting stage for the architectural plans and raising funds for the overall costs.

To donate to this project simply use our regular donation link on our donation page (here) and choose "property development in the drop down menu options.  All gifts are tax receiptable.

PHASE 0: Land Purchase - Done!

PHASE 1: Studio Facility - 5,500+ square feet

PHASE 2:  Headquarters Facility - 3,000+ square feet ​

PHASE 3 (May flip to Phase 1 pending funds availability.): Landscaping and Prayer Chapel ​- 2100+ square feet

Photos Below: Location of property development.

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 11.00.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 1.19.49 AM.png